Friday, January 10, 2014

Berkongsi cerita Hari Pertama si SK Seri Hartamas

Abah bercuti lama hujung tahun ni - actually he took a quite a few days off as we, ourselves had made 2 trips down to Spore for the month of Dec 2013..

but this time he was adamant of sending the boys to school as well as establishing a routine for the the big boys who now attends the same school together..

We are the big boys now..

Yup, my Mr Confident sitting in line with the rest of his new classmates..

my other 2 handsome heroes

He's so used to having one of his brothers attending/playing with him so when no one is around, he got sad and lonely hence the sad face
[and mind you this was his face throughout the day when the brothers were in school!]

waiting for Harryth at Table No.3 in the school's canteen

this boy was so bored that he slept on his own in the car..kesian kan?

Pakcik baju belang tu kancheong psl anak2 dah besar - dah masuk sekolah rendah!:P

Haddyff & Mommy

Harryth and Haddyff will have this routine of sitting down and having recess together everyday, hopefully
[lunchbox food - sardines sandwiches, courtesy of Mommy ofcourse]