Saturday, January 11, 2014

First Day in Ilham Montessori 2014

IM started their sem on Monday and boy was Haddy-Irfan excited to go to school..
We were a bit apprehensive on how he would react on the 1st day - as all of you know now, Irfan will be alone in the kindy this year as Haddyff is already in Pri 1 in SKSH.. He is so used to have Haddyff around that we were a bit scared that he'll be slightly off-ish when he realized that Abang is no longer there to be with him...

Alhamdulillah , with our constant reminders to Irfan about him being a big boy now and that he will be going to IM alone, DAY 1 of IM was such a breeze..

no tantrums, no one scene drama queen antics..he he he he..

he was so happy to send both Harryth and Haddyff to school and reminded me that I need to send him to IM next..

he walked confidently to school, hand-in-hand with Mommy and entered IM compound with a smile.. Mommy had asked him to recite him phonics and count all the way from home - ha ha ha ha ha, we live about  a minute away from IM actually so Mommy managed to squeeze in a few phonics and numbers with Irfan constantly asking "AGAIN Mommy?"

anyway - I am just so happy that IM has proven to be the best for my children so far, alhamdulillah ...

so sweet of the teachers to have this up for the children

Welcome Back!

Muka budak baik!

Yes, the one who holds his card differently from the rest is mine :P

Taking pictures with a funny face runs in the family - from Tok Daddy & Abah

pictures courtesy of Ilham Montessori Mutiara Damansara