Tuesday, February 8, 2011

..This is just my 2 cents and what I do..That does not mean that you're following a PRO ok?..

**entri di bawah adalah entri tentang produk untuk menguruskan badan dan adalah merupakan hasil carian online tuan punya blog dan bukanlah nasihat profesional. Sebarang produk yang digunakan @ rejim pemakanan yang di tiru/ diikuti oleh mana-mana pihak selain dari tuan punya blog dan didapati mendatangkan kesan memudaratkan adalah bukan menjadi tanggungjawab tuan empunya blog secara total**

sejak Feb 2011 memang semangat nak kurus saya berkobar-kobar ...and di samping diet terancang hasil nasihat  Dr Azizah, saya juga ada buat research online on stuffs that could assist me shed those kilos and ensure that they really go away for good throughout the process...

so below are some of the "assistance" that I gather online..Mind you, these are to ASSIST us on shedding the fat and ensuring new fats do not accumulate while we are still trying to eliminate the old ones tau? Again, these are to help us enjoy our food but still maintain the weight..That being said, janganlah pulak melantak makan KFC, McD doploh pat jam..makan makanan berlemak tepu dengan jayanya just because you are taking these pills..Pil-pil ni cuma akan berkesan utk jangka masa pendek koz once the body are accustomed to the pills, it does not work as how it at the end of day, dahlah lemak & oil dlm badan tak di buang, tambah lagi kita tak minum air masak and then masih jugak dok telan pills ni...teruk "kiok" buah pinggang ..ada faham cik adek manes?

Again, this is not a professional advise..Just what I gather online kalau nak ikut, follow at your own risk and I shall not be held liable to any side effects occurred while the same is being practiced by anyone else other than me...

REDUCTIL.After consuming it, you will not feel hungry and will not have appetite for one whole day. However, you will feel very weak and lack of energy. It is around RM4.00 for each pills.

XENICAL- it is a oil control pills. Just need to take 1 pill before consuming any oily food and it will block the fats and the oil will be eliminated as you go to toilet. Well, it just eliminates 30% of the fats consume, yet the more food we consume the more calories our body will absorb.It is around RM2.00 for one pill.

DULCOLAX- which is a laxative pills. It makes you to go toilet. However, it will create like stomach ache pain. So, it is not advisable to over- dose. It is around rm7.50 for 20 pills.


TIPO-X - a carbo and fat blocker.It's said to block 60% of fats and carbs. Just need to swallow 2 pills 20-30 mins before meal. It costs around RM35 for the whole box.